Who We Are?

Welcome to Orbexfund International Investment. 

Have you ever thought about financial freedom? Do you have a plan on how to get financial freedom? A lot of people out here are chasing financial freedom but for lack of information they don't know the steps to take. Finding yourself on this page is not coincidence, rather it is a signal that financial freedom is only steps away if you make the right choice, the right decision is joining Orbexfund International Investment to access financial freedom. 

To keep our clients satisfied we invest in various sectors, including banks, gold, oil, agriculture and industry. Orbexfund prime objective, according to the terms stipulated in its Memorandum of Association, is to "invest the funds to develop the resources in different economic sectors by initiating investment projects in different economic sectors, based on sound economic and commercial criteria, in a manner that would support and develop the economy". The Company enjoys all guarantees and concessions provided by the National, Regional and International Investment codes in the shareholder countries. In particular, its assets are granted full mobility and freedom of expatriation, and are immune against nationalization and expropriation.


Forget about any commission marketing program you've seen or participated in before, we at Orbexfund designed this program where others ended up, putting ourselves in your place, to make real profits without limits and with minimal effort!

We value your time and daily concerns so we will only take 5 minutes of your time to give you a quick and focused tour to get to know our great profit program and how to earn additional income - and perhaps essential income! - When you invest only a few minutes a day. Let's begin by defining the most important points that make our commission marketing program different and unique:

(Recurring Commissions) each new deposit from any of the three levels means you gets immediate commission.

Form your own profit team and earn commissions up to 2 levels of commission profitability upto 18%. Cash rewards for active marketers up to thousands of dollars and a fixed monthly salary in the .end

Who can use the commission marketing program

Anyone registered on our website can promote our company and earn a marketing commission. All websites
Bloggers and youtubers
Internet Marketers

Methods of marketing

Direct marketing by providing the client with your referral link to register through you.
You can use display banners and include your referral link.
Work on posting links in forums, sites and blogs in a correct way.
Publish your own link on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus
Write a review about Orbexfund and include your link inside.
Carry out paid advertising campaigns on Google Adwords or Facebook.
Make an informative video explaining investing in Orbexfund and putting your referral link in it.

Terms of commission marketing system.

The use of spam is prohibited in inviting users, which may constitute a direct or indirect abuse of Orbexfund terms.
It is forbidden to use pop-ups or to use any other methods that force visitors to open the site.
All client who have made deposits through your referral link will be checked and the commission will be automatically added to your account.
The marketer is not required to have active deposits to use the referral link, you can start immediately once you register.
Your use of the commission marketing system means your acceptance of Orbexfund Terms and Privacy Policy

Rewards for professional marketers.

When you collect a $ 1000 from the commission marketing system, the marketer gets a cash reward of $ 200, immediately.
When your earnings reach $ 2,000 from the commission marketing system, the marketer gets a cash reward of $ 450, immediately.
When your earnings reach $ 3,500 from the commission marketing system, you get a cash reward of $ 800, immediately.
When your earnings reach $ 5,000 from the commission marketing system, you get a cash reward of $ 1000, immediately.
When your earnings reach $ 10,000 from the commission marketing system, you get a monthly salary of 24 months worth $ 1000, conditional on your continued marketing.

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